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On this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE Author, Freedom Coach and Lifestyle Hacker CHERON K. GRIFFIN talks about the alarming rate of suicides and suicidal thoughts our children are experiencing and why she was inspired to write her latest book “I See You: Igniting Hope & Preventing Suicide"

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Are you an Emotionally Potty Trained Grown-up? Do you suffer from Depression or Anxiety? Are you continually triggered from childhood trauma? Have you or someone you love been impacted by suicide or suicidal thoughts? Then this program is for you!

Rachel Kaplan is a licensed psychotherapist who has been relentlessly studying the healing path since she was a young teenager when a tragedy ravaged her sense of normalcy and sent her desperately seeking healing.

Her Podcast is called The Healing Feeling Shit Show and can be heard on

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On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr. took off in his Piper Saratoga plane from New Jersey’s Essex County Airport, accompanied by his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren Bessette. Kennedy was an experienced pilot, and was flying to Martha’s Vineyard to drop off his sister-in-law, before continuing on to the family compound at Hyannis Port to attend the wedding of his cousin. After his plane failed to arrive, a massive search was launched, but it wasn’t until the night of July 20, that the bodies of JFK, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren were found on the ocean floor.

This program is not only about JFK Jr's untimely and suspicious death, but that of both John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby - and so much more.

Breaking it all down for us is noted author DONALD JEFFRIES who started out investigating the JFK assassination as a teenage volunteer with Mark Lane's Citizens Committee of Inquiry in the mid-1970s.

Donald Jeffries has written several books including; Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, Survival of the Richest: How The Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All, Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics 1776-1963 and The Unreals.

His blog can be found at and his Radio Show at


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This program is PART 3 of our Interview with a Master Narcissist Series with HG Tudor, who is a Narcissistic Psychopath. 

The goal of this program is to help you identify the narcissist in your life, their patterns and tactics and ultimately to help you be free once and for all of this emotional vampire. This interview is for the sole purpose of Healing the Heart and Mind of Victims and does not in any way condone the destruction that Narcissists deliver to their victims.

ABOUT HG TUDOR: HG is a narcissistic psychopath who is also a leading resource for people to understand the way that narcissists think and operate in order to enable them to escape and beat the narcissist by knowing the narcissist. In addition to his website he also can be found at Knowing The Narcissist on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

He’s written over 45 books on the subject, hundreds of articles and operates a blog which has well over 15 million hits and he has assisted hundreds of thousands of people and has been described as "the world's number one authority on narcissism.”

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a victim of a narcissist or believe you could be, please listen to our two previous Interviews (SEE BELOW) –




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FA Cole grew up in the coastal West African country of Sierra Leone. A survivor of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), childhood sexual assault, and rape, FA’s mission in life is to focus on empowering survivors and to provide needed tools (spiritual, financial, emotional, and educational) to help them overcome their trauma.

She has received a Global Woman Award for building a community of Support, Love, and Sisterhood for survivors of FGM and other forms of sexual violence – and the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. and Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation were so moved by Cole’s selfless act of love, they decided to partner with her to get donations for her foundation (The FAC Foundation – A Lighthouse for KIDS). 

FA Cole continues her advocacy work as she works alongside legislators and law enforcement to criminalize this practice in the USA. For more info visit

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Below are the States Where FGM is Still LEGAL

Washington State





New Mexico 



North Carolina 










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JIMMY DORE is one of the most blisteringly funny and spot on political comedians of our time. And in this special hour long one on one interview you'll find out why.

Jimmy Dore is the star of several Comedy Central specials, Author of the best seller “Your Country Is Just Not That Into You“, a writer performer for the Off-Broadway hit “The Marijuana-Logues”, and the host of his own weekly radio show at KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.

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Other than their fetish-like addiction to that salty AF substance known as Vegemite, when it comes to Australians and Americans we are actually quite a bit alike. But then again, they do wonder why we, as a country, have such a love affair with guns and fast food.

Join me, Christine Blosdale, and Aussie comic JACKIE LOEB as we discuss the differences (besides the "you say POE-TAY-TOE and we say POE-TAH-TOE" elephant in the room) and the similarities between our two great nations.


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In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we sit down with Italian documentary filmmaker MASSIMO MAZZUCCO to discuss his new film AMERICAN MOON on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. Did we really go there in 1969? What do professional photographers say about the previously released photos?

We also tap into the U.S. government's current sabre-rattling with Iran and the lies throughout history that were told leading up to several devastating wars and invasions, the demonization of hemp and marijuana, as well as the alternatives to cancer treatment that have either been suppressed or completely squashed by big pharma.

It's a powerful show that will have you questioning just about everything you have been told!


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Anyone who writes a book titled, "How To Turn Your Telephone Into A Cash Cow" is worth listening to. Right?! And having a conversation on the different ways we can make a living with Raven "The Talk Show Maven" is nothing short of a pure joy filled ride!

She's an Award Winning Talk Show Host, Celebrity Interviewer, Author, Podcaster and fire-cracker Motivational Speaker all in one.

On this episode of Out Of The Box With Christine we find out how she went from making $10 an hour to become one of the most recognizable personalities in Hollywood. She also offers up some solid advice for anyone looking to either make some side money or quit their job altogether.

And if that wasn't enough, she's also offering our listeners TWO incredible gifts at the end of the show - so make sure you listen to the entire program for her special offer!


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She’s a mom, wife, entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author - and she's a force to be reckoned with!

SUZANNE EVANS (President of DRIVEN INC) is also a powerhouse on the speaking circuit. Why? Because she is real and raw (and funny af) and just what so many budding entrepreneurs need.

In this delightful interview on the OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE podcast you'll understand why.

Find out how she went from being a secretary on Broadway to running a multi-million dollar business in less than 5 years and why she says that Speaking is absolutely necessary if you want to take your business to the next level.



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PRIDE MONTH SPECIAL! OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE gets up close and personal with former “Family Ties” star MEREDITH BAXTER and her wife NANCY LOCKE on the process of coming out, raising a family and the do’s and don’ts of marriage.

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In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we shine the spotlight on MICHAEL KLEIN who is the CEO of, a digital media company that provides comprehensive information for consumers on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis and CBD.

Michael (also known as "The Expert Whisperer") is a seasoned master at building and growing companies. He was the Executive VP of Original Content at MTV and has created and produced award winning content for Conde Naste Entertainment, Discovery Channel, TLC and Sundance TV.

Not only do we talk about the benefits of cannabis and the ever increasing demand for it by the public, but we also discuss his personal journey from a small town in Canada to his skyrocketing success today - and how the Power of Authenticity is critical in building a successful business as well as a successful life.


For more info on Michael and CannabisMD visit

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Did you know that your handwriting and signature speaks volumes about who you are as a person? What does the writing styles of Donald Trump, George W Bush, Ted Bundy, Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Princess Diana say about their true character and how they view the world?

Join me as I sit down with world renowned Handwriting Analysis Expert and Author SHEILA LOWE as we discuss the personal writings of some pretty famous personalities throughout history - and discover what your very own handwriting reveals about you!


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In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we hear from NATASHA DUSWALT who is an author, speaker, and the president and founder of Peak Models & Talent in Los Angeles. Overcoming a painful childhood that would test even the best of us, Natasha is also a proud cancer survivor. With wit and wisdom she shares her story in hopes that others will gain strength to overcome life's biggest obstacles.


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JOHN BARBOUR (the Godfather of Reality TV) tells the best stories. Seriously. And in his new book "YOUR MOTHER'S NOT A VIRGIN" he does just that. It's when the conversation steers towards the JFK Assassination, and what unfolded after that horrific day, that's when John Barbour soars.

This episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE features an in depth interview with John, who happens to be one of the top experts on all things JFK due to his extensive research and work with District Attorney Jim Garrison.

One thing is for sure. After listening to this program you will never believe the "one lone gunman" myth hoisted upon the world after they took out JFK.


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Have you ever had a near death experience? What happens to us after we leave this place we call life? What makes us come back from the brink of passing over? Join me as I discuss these questions and more with CHUCK SWEDROCK, President of the International Association For Near Death Studies.


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Inspired by the stories of 13 courageous women and their personal journeys after being diagnosed with cancer, the new book THE SILVER LINING OF CANCER was created to positively impact the lives of people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their families.

In this interview we hear from two survivors, Tracey Ehman and Karen Strauss. Their personal stories are both inspirational and filled with hope - and it is their wish to help others who are going thru the same after being diagnosed with cancer.

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On April 21, 2016 PRINCE ROGERS NELSON was taken from us. And for three years Psychic Channel ABIGAIL NOEL has been on a mission to expose the truth of what happened that night to music's most prolific entertainer, writer and musician.

In this interview we hear the evidence (both physical and channeled) that she has gathered on the case that has captured the attention of millions worldwide (known as Justice4Prince) as to this day, questions still loom on the details surrounding his death.

To hear the very first channeled information Abigail offered Out of the Box listeners, just days after Prince died visit


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Are you an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person? New York Times best-selling author DR. JUDITH ORLOFF lovingly guides us on how to overcome the unique challenges of an Empath, to fully embrace our gifts of intuition, compassion, creativity, and spiritual connection.

“Dr. Orloff combines neuroscience, intuition, and energy medicine to show you how to stay powerful and strong in the world, while also keeping your compassion and empathy alive.” —Deepak Chopra


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DENISE LAMOUREUX is a masterful healer who specializes in trauma recovery and addictions. In this powerful one on one interview she tells us how we can begin to release childhood trauma and negative belief patterns so we can be free to have the life we have always desired.

Fore more info on Denise go to:

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Barbara Savin is a Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and Reiki and Energy Healing Specialist. Learn how you can overcome your fears and addictions to finally be free and to live the best life possible!

ADDED BONUS! Our Spotlight Special focuses on Aussie Scott Forsyth and his healing journey thru Essential Oils. Wait til you hear his story!

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Jil Love is a global artist who voices opposition to environmental destruction, social oppression, and inequality through the social movement Jil Love Revolution which creates ARTivism (Art + Activism) to raise awareness and expand consciousness.


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